I honestly didn’t see myself blogging at all, I really think that I must have made some kind of transition into geek country, and somehow I like it here. What can I say; it is what it is… Now that I am here I do hope that the rest of the blogging community welcomes me with open arms, and takes an interest in my obsessions.

I have a deep desire to express this side of me and I guess this is the platform. You never know I might just inspire others in some meaningful way. Before I go any further though, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Wright and I have been delving into all things multimedia way before I earned myself a degree in Multimedia Computing at Westminster University in the year 2000. Since then I have worked to develop the initial Property Finder UK property web portal in the capacity of web designer. I have run music and video workshops for Gem Multimedia in Brent North West London, released music that you probably never heard of but for which I receive royalties, produced video that have featured on MTV, and now in addition to this I am working for two online magazines in the capacity of a video journalist.

Looking back for a minute and at the same time, assessing where I am in respect to my passion, I’m not quite clear on how it all started, but I guess what has driven me to blog is a need to add clarity or at least take away a lot of confusion surrounding the technology and processes that come into play around video, music and photographic productions.

Actually the implications are universal in nature, but I want to approach this stuff from a practical and common angle. In truth I just want to speak about digital media / multimedia technology, forgive me it’s what I do. Whist the technology that we have at our fingertips today is forever breaking through boundaries, and continuing to open up access to that which might have been unreachable to the masses in earlier times, as well as making things a lot easier to achieve, I do see a lot of unnecessary and misguided faith, in the technology itself.

Everywhere it seems people are making weird decisions and getting into pointless debates about which particular kit is better than another. A lot of the time people are doing all they can to uphold some kind of allegiance to something, at the expense of the actual truth of the matter, which is that regardless of the size and speed of your hard drive or the amount of megapixels that your camera can capture; a tool is a tool.

When it comes to creativity, it’s your imagination, your passion, your desire, your faith in yourself and what you can do that makes the biggest difference. Knowing this allows you to make better decisions about moving forward. Once you have these aspects of your creativity sorted out - trust me on this - the right technology the right software, the right everything, will find you… The bit of kit that you are spending time arguing or confused about, came about from such processes. It’s more about the Indian than the arrow surly.

When you reach a point of clarity in your assessment and you say to yourself, I need something that does x, in order to achieve Y, you will automatically cut through sways of argument about whether an Apple Mac is better than a PC or vise-versa. Furthermore you will see that your search is already narrowed because what you already have will be cross referenced with what is out there, and you are more likely to move to the next stepping-stone with real purpose.

On top of this you are more likely to be happy with your tool because you understand that your hammer can bang that nail into that wall all day long. Does anything else really matter? Just so I know that I said it, the best tool for the job is not always the most expensive or even the one with the new fantastic futuristic feature. The best tool for the job is the tool that is most appropriate for you and what it is that you are trying to achieve.

In keeping with my latest analogy, so many people out there are buying sledge hammers to put a simple nail into a wall when a standard hammer will do. Also you can learn so much and become naturally innovative when you are using tools that are not quite up to scratch. So much so that when you come to use the proper tool, it would be so much easier for you, and you will jump leaps and bounds. With the right approach it all ends well… Your attitude determines your altitude.

The upshot of all this is that you will spend much more time creating and helping to advance and evolve whatever it is that you are involved in whilst living in a state of creativity. Then we can talk about and admire the art and the beauty, we can also leave positive legacies and inspire others. Don’t get me wrong I actually love much of the technology out there, especially in the digital media domain.

I would like to take a role in advising people on what to use for their particular media needs. I’ve come across many innovative products that bring professional standards to aspiring artists and even products that enable the pros to step up their game. In fact I will make a list of products that I think are the most helpful, such as the M-Audio fire wire 410 sound card, the Blue Yeti USB Microphone,

The game changing Canon 5D Mark II SLR camera and Software such as IK media’s T-Racks - a music mastering tool. I would also explain why you should use Sony Vegas Pro as opposed to the other flavours of Sony Vegas, if you want to publish high quality video to the internet. As well as why Adbobe After Effects really is the last word when it comes to visual effects. Adobe Photoshop for simple but effective 3D animation and incredible video editing capabilities, many people may not have considered using Photoshop for this.

Genelec audio monitors, what more can I say, the list goes on. Likewise if readers of this blog want to contribute to the list of innovative media creative tools, I would be more than happy to facilitate. I’m excited, let’s change the world, look out for my next blog I think I’ve found my new vocation in life moms. It’s my blog I can say what I like. Until the next time Peace…

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  1. Anne-Marie Batson21 July 2016 at 13:48

    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing this. Really insightful blog.

    I agree with the statement: 'a tool is a tool'. It's about finding the right tool that does what you need it to do.

    How about producing a short video showing how people can get the best out of Adobe Photoshop. Or, something similar?