This video was shot entirely with the DJI Osmo Pocket click here to see the video

This video was shot entirely with the DJI Pocket earlier this year. I also brought the Aputure AL-f7 for lighting and was able to turn up at the St Pancras hotel in Kings Cross without causing much of a stir since the camera and lighting equipment was so small. There were issues with low lighting in places in the hotel but I just kept the shoot very basic choosing places where there was enough light. Since doing this video I have learned how to control the amount of noise that could otherwise have been generated. I will at some stage do an article or make a video about the setting on the Osmo Pocket. For now though shooting in standard mode rather than Cinelike D, and keeping the iso at the lowest possible setting makes for a noiseless capture. As you can see in most of the scenes the mechanical gimbal of the Osmo pocket allowed us to capture really smooth shots as we moved and danced around the subjects. I was especially pleased when I got home and looked through the footage and was able to stitch together the various scenes. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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