Pack-Shot & Product Photography Pricing:
Pricing is based on a one shot per item basis and does not include VAT.

Cut-Out Option:

Choose our Cut-Out option if you need a completely white background for your product images.

High resolution cut out stock photography by One-Life Media

1 Shot – £35.00 per shot
2-19 Shots – £30.00 per shot
20-39 Shots – £25.00 per shot
40-49 Shots – £20.00 per shot
50-99 Shots – £15.00 per shot
100+ Shots – Contact Us

Optional Extra Charges
2-3 Items in 1 Shot – Extra £10.00 per shot
4-5 Items in 1 Shot – Extra £15.00 per shot
Complicated Cut-outs – Extra £7.00 per shot
Drop Shadows – Extra £3.00 per Shot
Garment Preparation – Extra £3.00 per shot
Custom Background – £29.00 per set-up

Products that have complicated edges and require the Cut-Out service like fur, hair or textiles may meet a surcharge of £7 to cover the cost of the extra work needed to create the cut-out.

If you need more than one item to appear in a shot such as a component item or extra products there will be a charge for each item.

If you require shadows or reflections which are usually removed in the cut-out process there is a charge of £3 plus VAT per shot.

If you need images shot on a creative background then click here for the Creative Option.


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