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I got curious about this today so I investigated and came up with this blog that I want to share with you – my beautiful digital community.


I have set out three pieces that highlight what it takes to produce a lens state of the art lense, the first is a video about Canon lenses which really goes into detail about the materials used to create a modern day high quality lens. It features optics, coating, Actuator / Mechanics and so much more, a must see for any photographer. Click through here.

EF Lens Technology Canon Product

This video is really a work of art and is appropriate for a study on how modern lenses are made. It is set to beautiful classical music and some stunning video shots. Take a moment out of your day in appreciation, you will enjoy it. Click through here.


How SIGMA Lenses are Made? Pretty Impressive! From the Factory!

For those of you who like to take in information via the written word here is a really good blog that give you a good insight into the factory processes, material used and the care taken to produce those lenses that seem to just come of the shelf so effortlessly. Click through here.

Made in Japan: Discover how lenses are created


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